Commercial Fitters Fire Sprinkler and Alarm Systems

Company Name:
Real Careers
Job Ref.: 2270
Job Title: Commercial Fitters Fire Sprinkler and Alarm Systems
Role: Engineering or Related
Relocation Available: No
Industry: Engineering
Location: North Carolina
Town / City: Concord
Job Type: Permanent full-time
Job description:
We are looking for a Commercial Fitter with Fire Sprinkler and Fire Alarm experience.
Company provides Fire Sprinkler and Alarm systems, installations, testing, monitoring, inspection and repair. They also provide related site work, underground services, site repair and hazard engineering.
Currently looking for Commercial Fitters with related experience in Concord North Carolina.
Bottom Line Requirements:
1. Experience as a Commercial Fitter for Fire Sprinkler or Alarm systems.
2. Local.

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