Refrigeration Service Technician

Company Name:
Job Description:
Field Service Technician
The purpose of a Field Service Engineer is to provide Commercial Customers with Professional Installation, Service and Maintenance on equipment and systems located at commercial client facilities.
ESSENTIAL DUTIES (Includes but is not limited to):
Visually inspects and repairs equipment and systems.
Locates parts and assemblies for needed repairs and maintenance.
Responsible for cost controls and inventory.
Communicates to customer needed repairs to equipment and systems.
Completes needed repairs and maintenance in a professional and timely manner.
Knows and adheres to established standards of quality.
Maintains good customer relations and rapport.
Completes required paperwork neat, timely and accurate.
Operates and Maintains Service Vehicle in a Professional manor.
Responsible for training of Preventive Maintenance Technicians and follow up.
General Description:
The Field Service Engineer is provided with a service vehicle and necessary tools. This job requires the individual to be a self starter and operate with minimal supervision. Work assignments may be given in written or verbal format. Work orders may include installation, service, operation and/or maintenance of equipment or systems which are located in commercial restaurants, office buildings, and hotels. Equipment and Systems may include HVAC, Refrigeration, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical and other building related components.
The job requires the ability to read and interpret blueprints, operating manuals, service manuals and wiring diagrams.
Mechanical aptitude and Proficiency with hand tools and electrical test instruments is a must. Steps in Equipment and System repairs will include troubleshooting to locate the deficiencies, locating the needed parts to correct the deficiencies, installing the parts and testing the equipment and systems to insure proper operation.
A minimum of four years of mechanical maintenance experience or graduate from a community college mechanical program plus two years of experience
CFC Certification (Universal).
Ability to do essential duties.
Ability to understand and follow instructions.
Ability to communicate effectively.

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