Sprinkler and Alarm Inspector-2267

Company Name:
Absolute Opportunities Test
Job Ref.: 2267
Job Title: Sprinkler and Alarm Inspector
Role: Engineering or Related
Relocation Available: No, but a short easy move may be okay.
Industry: Construction
Location: North Carolina
Town / City: Concord
Job Type: Permanent full-time
Job description:
We are searching for a fire sprinkler and alarm inspector in the area or able to make a short easy move.
Position Summary
Inspects installed fire sprinkler systems to determine if the system meets the requirements of the job and to ensure all equipment is functioning properly. Completes an Inspection report to record findings.
Position Responsibilities
1. Inspects and tests installed fire sprinkler systems to determine the adequacy of the system design and to verify all equipment is functioning properly. Visually inspects the entire building to identify corroded heads or other hazards, operates valves to ensure they open and shut, makes sure bells ring, flushes system, identifies obstructions, etc.
2. Completes Inspection Reports and Deficiency Lists on the condition of installed fire sprinkler systems and forwards the forms to the Inspection Department's Administrative Assistant.
3. Prepares quotes to perform Inspections, repair work or alarm certifications.
4. Develops and maintains an up-to-date prospect list from contract sales, Inspection Department records and other sources. Calls on prospective customers to sell Inspection and Service contracts.
5. Schedules Inspections, Service, pump tests, walk throughs, etc.
6. May perform Service work such as replacing valves, gauges, flow switches, tamper switches, etc.
7. Performs Time & Materials work such as backflow certifications, pump tests, replacing painted heads, etc.
8. May perform alarm certifications.
Bottom Line Requirements:
1. Experience inspecting installed fire sprinkler systems or alarm systems.
2. NICET II certified.
3. Local or close enough for a short easy move.

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